Tue 3rd Jul

A sunny evening of good wind although it was unkind to Stewart Gibb, the Race Officer.  He was obliged to change the course so as to maintain a windward leg.  Those not paying attention (half of the Gareloch fleet) did not notice.  When they realised the error, their going the wrong way was irrecoverable.

The first leg, downwind of necessity, was across the loch to Clynder.  Dione and Teal led some to the left, Thalia, Athene and Thia looked strong on the right.  Boats in the middle found a hole in the wind.

Thalia led around the leeward mark and was helped by several of the pursuers arriving at the mark together.  She sailed the best windward leg and did not need to worry about being blanketed on the run back to Clynder for the start of the second round.  Dione and Teal were fighting it out with Teal unable to find a way past.

Constant attention was needed to the changeable strength and direction of wind.  On the leg to the finish, Dione was challenging Thalia.  Near to the line, Thalia luffed to protect her position as Dione caught a puff and so dropped a place.  Hermes kept a charging Thia at bay.

1 Dione, 2 Thalia, 3 Teal, 4 Hermes, 5 Thia, 6 Catriona, 7 Zephyrus, 8 Athene, 9 Ceres.