Sun 16th Sep

Gusty again as we made our way out to the boats.  The effect is heightened with sails flapping on the mooring.  That put off crews on Luna and Zephyrus, they missed a good race with wind moderating a little.  There were five of us at the start.  Iain MacGillivray sent us on the same course as the previous Sunday.  Again zig zagging across the loch and giving two true windward legs.

Unusually, the starting line was just about perpendicular to the wind.  Catriona thought she had started well but Teal was closer to the shore and found better air on the way across the loch.  When Catriona tired of the headers and tacked, she passed behind Teal.  Dione got in front of Halcyone and cemented her third place.

Once again, approaching the Clynder shore was trying.  Catriona found the better air and took the lead.

There was time for a second, shorter round.  A windward leg back across the loch then downwind on the Clynder shore to the southern most mark off Silvers.  At least it began downwind.  Teal’s crew wondered what on earth Catriona could be doing as she suddenly found herself head to wind with no change of course.  Teal was encouraged for a moment but then came to the same contrary air.

Thia and Halcyone, meanwhile, were battling to avoid fifth place.  Thia had boat speed, it is thought Halcyone had unwanted growth below the water line.

1 Catriona, 2 Teal, 3 Dione, 4 Thia, 5 Halcyone.