Sun 23rd June

(Belated guest report from our Convenor aboard Athene!)

East winds present challenges in the Gareloch as has been remarked before in Race Reports.  One of these is that a reaching or running start is unavoidable.   Another is that the wind on the Blairvadach shore is unpredictable. A third is it can be very gusty.   All five boats were slow at getting to the start line owing to the wind going down for a bit.    Crossing the loch to the D mark with the wind moving around there was a question as to whether a spinnaker would help or not.  Eventually already way out in front Dione raised hers and became even further out in front.  Athene raised hers early, and to good effect.   Thia did too, but had a problem, after the race revealed to have been the result of putting the spinnaker boom up on the leeward side. Hermes decided it was worth it further over the loch.  Dione had rounded the D mark lang syne when Athene got around second. 

On the beat across to G in quite strong gusty wind Hermes and Thia pointed well and quickly overhauled, with Luna with guest helm, Seb Hudson also doing well.  Athene pointed badly. Hermes in a suddenly light wind got tangled with the mark.  But having done the necessary she caught up and overtook on the next leg down the loch to B, the first leg of the second round of the H3 course, which then goes up the Clynder shore to C before crossing back.  With Dione now home in the anchorage, the four behind crossed the line at Z still relatively close together with Athene at the back.

1 Dione 2 Hermes 3 Thia 4 Luna 5 Athene