Tue 9th July

Race Officer Linda Pender sent us across the loch to B, off Silvers, and back.  There was time for two rounds.  The pin end of the starting line was the place to be so that there was inevitable crowding.  Halcyone was there a little early and obliged to bear away down the line.  Catriona was a little late, having avoided the possibility of being squeezed out by Athene and Luna.  Hermes would have started well, but for right of way boats below her.  She bailed out and then fell foul of Teal as she sailed back on port tack to rejoin the queue.
Catriona was able to sail over the top of Halcyone as the two proceeded down the Shandon shore.  Teal had gone across the loch early and seemed at first to be stuck in light air.  She got to a good breeze on the Clynder shore and took the lead from Catriona and Halcyone.  Hermes’ luck was out, she was on the wrong end of a port/starboard with Thia as they approached the windward mark.
Teal kept her lead downwind and began the return to the windward mark in first place. She was to windward of Catriona as the two went down the Shandon shore.  Catriona determined not to tack until Teal did so as to avoid being blanketed.  When they were both overstanding, Catriona took the plunge and was able to get clear air on the new tack.  She worked to windward and was able to drop Teal into disturbed air, giving her a significant lead at the mark.  Downwind her spinnaker set was less than efficient (crew Lucy Forrester is away) so that Teal drew level.  It was not enough.
Hermes, meanwhile, was swapping places with Luna.  She was in front when it mattered.  Athene bemoaned a tactical error which put here in the weakest of the Gareloch’s air.

1 Catriona, 2 Teal, 3 Halcyone, 4 Thia, 5 Hermes, 6 Luna, 7 Athene