Sun 27th July

Guest report from John Campbell – the new owner of a very smart looking Circe!

Three boats made it out for the racing this Sunday, Teal, Circe and Catriona, with Catriona being sailed single handed.
Wind was from the west, with a variable force 2 blowing, so the race officer set course L7.
All boats on the first round were fairly evenly matched, with Catriona and Teal having the upper hand, however on the beat up to D, there was some confusion on where mark D was. Circe went straight to the mark, whilst Catriona and Teal had to sail some extra lengths to take the right course. After the first round, Catriona just had the lead over Circe, with Teal close behind.
The wind started to become lighter, and much more variable as the second part of the course was being sailed. Both Teal and Circe made their way back upwind to mark C, whilst Catriona decided to head towards mark B. It was some time before she realised that she was on the wrong course. Meanwhile, Teal and Circe were closely matched, but with the wind becoming much more variable they both fell into a hole some way off mark C. Meantime, Catriona was heading up the loch towards C and despite being some distance behind, took possession of her very own wind supply. The filling in wind brought Catriona all the way down to mark C, and then retreated back down the loch, taking with her Catriona, leaving Teal and Circe standing. Catriona sailed off on her own, with the Gods smiling down on her, leaving Circe and Teal to battle it out from C to B and back to the line.
On the final leg, Teal put her spinnaker up, whilst Circe elected to remain just on main and jib…all just as the wind started to veer northwards leaving Teal struggling to make the spinnaker work, whilst Circe sailed on to finish in 2nd place.
Result – 1 Catriona, 2 Circe 3 Teal.