Tue 11th Aug

(Updated with amended results.)

There was next to no wind as we left the moorings.  On the water Race Officer Iain MacGillivray waited and was rewarded by a healthy breeze although it had more than the usual Gareloch variability.

The course a fetch to A, off the club, downwind to C, at the north end of Clynder and a windward leg back.

The shore end of the starting line was closer to the wind but it was stronger at the pin. From where Teal got away best followed by Hermes and Luna.  Halcyone and Catriona at the shore end did not do too badly but were always outside boats for the rounding of A. Downwind Catriona challenged Teal for the lead, once she had freed herself from wind shadow.  Teal luffed with determination to prevent Catriona having the key inside overlap at C.  That part worked well but the fleet had arrived by this time and the pair rounded in the middle.

The leg back to the starting area was characterised by variable strength and direction of wind.  Teal suffered badly on the Clynder shore.  Circe and Catriona went to the middle of the loch and did better.  Luna was always in the fray.  Halcyone lost out on the final approach to the Shandon shore.

Catriona had a large lead for the start of the second round.  As is so often the way in the Gareloch, it evaporated in lighter air near the Clynder shore.  Teal got back into contention downwind.  On the beat back to the finish it was Hermes and Teal who read it best, followed by Catriona, Luna and Circe.  Few of us had been watching the time. Lighter air at Clynder, together with the late start put us over the time limit so that the results are taken at the end of the first round.

1 Catriona, 2 Circe, 3 Luna, 4 Halcyone, 5 Teal, 6 Hermes, 7 Ceres.

It seems three boats crossed the finishing line close together and, following discussion, have been unable to establish their order.  Amended results are as follows:

1 Catriona.  2= Luna, Circe, Halcyone,  5 Teal, 6 Hermes, 7 Ceres.

(Admin/Iain PS on a point of rules for future, Charles Darley later noted that when Teal and Catriona gybed to approach C after their luffing, they still had right of way as inside, overlapped boats – even on port over starboard boats:

“rule 18 not turned off by 18.1 a or 18.1b”.

Admin/Iain PPS. Charles further clarified that – in a slightly technical aspect of the rules – that the starboard boats continued to have (general) right of way but that it was limited by Teal and Catriona’s entitlement to mark-room! So Teal and Catriona had A right to A way and the ‘mark-room’ to do it but that the rules do not define this as ‘right of way’! All clear?

If not, go read RRS Section A Right of Way – especially the intro with definition of right of way as requiring others to keep clear – and Section C At Marks And Obstructions.)