Sun 30th May

From the leaky bowels of Luna……

Racing: Catriona, Circe Ceres , Dione, Halcyone, Hermes, Luna.
Conditions: Gentle Breeze from the Southwest. Sunshine. Fresh air and fun.

A close start on L6 took the fleet up to B at Silvers Boat Yard. Catriona round first and then gained further on the long run to G, the only boat using spinnaker on this leg and whose lead therefore stretched. The breeze and tide accounted for places swapping about, as it were, with boats being headed up the loch on both rounds. Circe was with us and then she was not for the second round. Too much fresh air and fun perhaps.

Luna was holding onto second but a spinnaker pole malfunction rather than seamanship (you know who is drafting this Report), started to cost her places. Halycone, as with last year racing with seemingly no one aboard, contested for second place, overtaking Luna but then losing out to Dione on the finishing leg. Halycone hoisted a spinnaker on the same leg and we all spotted her skipper, albeit briefly. Hermes closed on Luna at the last but not sufficiently to pass her or to mount a protest, something which will have been doubly disappointing to her skipper.

1 Catriona, 2 Dione, 3 Halycone, 4 Luna, 5 Hermes.
Circe Ceres DNF.