Garelochs at the RNCYC Regatta

Report from the Secretary [who is very modest since he gave a masterclass in close quarters match racing – Iain].

A magnificent day. Sunshine with wind on the East Patch sufficient for good racing and not so strong as to be over-tiring.

Only three Garelochs set out. Dione’s skipper had to work. It is hoped that gardening has not interfered with other’s sailing.

Race Officer Eilidh Millar aboard John Stanley-White’s Blue Jay overcame a mechanical problem with the mark laying RIB and set a true windward-leeward course. Four races and a great day of sailing.

In the first, Catriona badly misjudged her start and was early approaching the pin end of the line. She gybed out, taking Teal and Thalia’s counters and started on port tack. It turned out the right hand side of the course was strongly favoured. By the windward mark, she had enough of a lead not to rush with the spinnaker. On the second beat, she kept effective loose cover on Teal. Thalia forgot to sail through the starting line here and collected extra points.

The three knew to be at the Committee Boat end for subsequent starts. For the second, Catriona was weak again, too far along the line. Teal and Thalia were first to the windward mark. They fought each other at the start of the run to let Catriona through.

Another sub-optimal start from Catriona gave the advantage to Thalia and particularly Teal for the first beat of the third race. Teal was firmly in the lead for most of this race. Catriona’s last chance was a tacking duel approaching the windward mark for the second time. She was lucky with the wind. After passing close behind Teal on the last tack into the mark, she luffed determinedly as Teak tacked on top and got her nose in front. All this took long enough for Thalia to catch Teal at the mark, letting Catriona away again.

For the final rounding of the leeward mark there was dispute over a last minute inside overlap on Teal by Thalia. There was contact. Teal kept her second place at the finish. She retired from the last race with some damage.

Thalia led into the start of the last. She avoided being hooked and tried her best to luff Catriona the wrong side of the Committee Boat. Both started strongly with Thalia to leeward. She was unable, though, to keep a bow forward position.

For the series, 1 Catriona, 2 Teal, 3 Thalia