About the Gareloch One Design – technical data & dimensions

This data is presented for information only. In the event of any discrepancy the official class rules will take precedence.

Hull & Decking

Dimensions of hull:

  • Length overall 7315mm (24ft 0ins)
  • Length Waterline 5029mm (16ft 6ins)
  • Beam 1676mm (5ft 6 ins)
  • Draught 1143mm (3ft 9ins)


Mast (& Fittings)

  • Minimum diameter 102mm “from its base up to the level of the crosstrees and tapered above this point”

Other fittings on the mast shall be attached at following heights above the base of the mast:

  • Main Boom centre line 1236mm + or – 50mm
  • Lower Shroud 5015mm + or – 50mm
  • Topping Lift 6464mm + or – 50mm
  • Upper Shroud 7378mm + or – 50mm
  • Forestay 7582mm + or – 50mm
  • Running Backstay 7734mm + or – 50mm
  • Spinnaker Halyard 8050mm Maximum

Main Boom

The main boom shall be solid wood with a minimum diameter of 76mm.


“The Sail Plan shall be as drawn by McGruer & Company on 03/11/1956”


  • The length of the luff shall not exceed 7467mm (24ft 6ins)
  • The length of the leech shall not exceed 7849mm (25ft 9ins)
  • The foot length shall not exceed 3861mm (12ft 8ins)
  • ie. mainsail area approx 17m2 (~184 square feet)


  • The length of the luff shall not exceed 5639mm (18ft 6ins)
  • The length of the leech shall not exceed 5029mm (16ft 6ins)
  • The length of the foot shall not exceed 2363mm (7ft 9ins)
  • The measurement from the head to the mid point of the foot shall not exceed 5334mm (17ft 6ins)
  • ie. jib sail area approx 6m2 (~65 square feet)


  • …a symmetrical three cornered sail.
  • The length of the leeches measured around the edges shall not exceed 6477mm (21ft 3ins)
  • The length of the centre fold, measured around the fold of the sail to the centre of each foot shall not exceed 7010mm (23ft 0ins)
  • The mid-height [width] of the sail shall not exceed 4420mm (14ft 6ins) or be less than 4267mm (14ft 0ins)


  • While racing as a Class, the crew shall not include any paid yachtsman or yachtswoman.